His Majestys Sagbutts & Cornetts
His Majestys Sagbutts & Cornetts


Grand Tour

This is a newly-revised version of our best-selling chamber programme, originally designed for HMSC’s tenth anniversary in 1992, and subsequently recorded for Hyperion. Covering two centuries and four countries – England, Italy, Spain, and Germany - our tour is the ideal introduction to the emotional and technical variety of the best early wind music. Music by William Byrd, Peter Phillips, Giovanni Gabrieli, Girolamo Frescobaldi, Bartolomeo de Selma, José Ximénez, Johann Schein, Samuel Scheidt and others.


Requirements: 7 musicians (3 cornetts, 3 sackbutts, organ / harpsichord).


For more information and details of budget requirements for the project, please e-mail info@hmsc.co.uk.

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